How to use Slack as a knowledge base

Several years ago, we created a Slack channel for the Startups Illustrated community. The objective of the Slack community was to share startup knowledge via direct communication and sharing of valuable links to content. A recent comment by a community member prompted me to evaluate the value of the content in our Slack channel.


In response to this post I browsed past posts in our Slack channel and I must say it contains a full semester’s worth of high quality Startup 101 content.

Over the years, I have found myself using the posts in the Slack community as a research tool in preparation for startup-related talks or presentations. Several members of our community have acknowledged the value this crowd-sourced Startup 101 content. The Slack channel has become as indispensable knowledge base. The content is in different forms, we have blog posts, news articles, infographics and even Twitter threads.

For those founders who want to get started on creating their own community knowledge base using Slack for their startups, its simple. Start by using the Slack channel as book mark database for valuable content that is worthy of sharing with community members at large. Rather than just dump links, ask those who post links to to provide an accompanying “summary of value” that shares why they think the link is value to the community and what the key take aways from the link are. By asking sharers to provide a “summary of value”, this dissuades members from simply using the Slack channel as a dump of every link they find regardless of value to the wider community. So there you go - thats how you get started.

- Tom Chikoore