Helping underserved entrepreneurs build and grow successful companies in the innovation economy.

Startups Illustrated was founded by the founder of the Techstars Accelerator's Risingstars Program to focus on empowering underserved communities to participate and succeed in the innovation economy.  We partner with local economic development organizations, corporations, government and accelerators to deliver entrepreneurship training programs that help underserved entrepreneurs build and grow successful companies in the innovation economy.



Learn-by-doing curriculum

All our programs focus on educating the entrepreneur. Our instructor-led classes follow an outcomes-based "learn by doing" structured entrepreneurship curriculum. 


Hands-on guidance

The majority of the entrepreneurs with whom we work are first time entrepreneurs. We provide them with "hands-on" guidance to build and grow their businesses.



Access to networks

We help entrepreneurs navigate the innovation economy by providing them access to tools and resources including our vast networks of entrepreneurs, investors, experts and accelerators

6-Week Boot Camp For High Growth Startups


For early stage high growth startups, Startups Illustrated provides an intensive 6-week "learn by doing" structured curriculum that prepares entrepreneurs for their first round of funding and acceptance to a top tier accelerators. Our team, consisting of successful entrepreneurs and investors, provides hands-on guidance that is laser-focused on creating viable and sustainable business models characterized by consistent and predictable aggressive growth.



6-Week Boot Camp For "Main Street"


For "Main Street" small businesses, Startups Illustrated provides an intensive 6-week program that offers entrepreneurs the knowledge and skills to start and grow small businesses. Our team of successful small business entrepreneurs, investors and economic development experts uses innovative tools and best practices that have worked successfully for high growth startups to guide main street entrepreneurs.


12-Week Zero-To-Startup Program For YOU


For those with ideas for a startup but do not know how and where to start, Startups Illustrated provides an intensive 12-week Zero-To-Startup "learn by doing" structured curriculum that transforms entrepreneurs' ideas into viable startups.  



At Startups Illustrated We are Creating Opportunities Through Entrepreneurship & Education